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My Background

Julie Stauffer is a leading iPhone photography teacher in the East Coast.  She has taught workshops all over Connecticut, Westchester County, and New York City.  She recently expanded into Maryland, Washington DC, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Florida.   Her combined excellence in both photography and teaching make her an ideal instructor for any age group or experience level.

She has emerged as a master wedding photographer, garden photographer, and portrait photographer.  She enjoyed ten years capturing the splendor of weddings near and far.   Meanwhile, as a garden photographer, she worked with the New Canaan Nature Center photographing their Secret Garden Tour for over a decade.   But perhaps her favorite work is spending time with children and families to capture the precious moments that mark the passage of time.  Julie loves to memorialize the ordinary and extraordinary moments that punctuate our lives.

In 2011, she took an iPhone Photography workshop taught by Dan Burkholder that inspired her to pursue a new chapter in her photography career.   While she still uses her professional Olympus camera, she always has her iPhone with her, and more importantly recognizes that for most of us, our iPhone cameras are our first and last opportunities to capture the moments of our lives.   She has found an unlikely alliance with generations decades older and younger than herself, and is surprised by becoming a “techie” capable of teaching both senior citizens and millennials how to make the most of their iPhones.

Now in her third decade as a professional photographer, her primary work is in iPhone photography instruction.  Having worked as an elementary teacher in her 20s, and a Childbirth/Lamaze Instructor in her 30s, Julie is gratified to have come full circle and returned to teaching again.   She is able to draw on her extensive teaching skill to make sophisticated photography concepts simple and accessible to all ages and skill levels.  Her workshops are enthusiastically acclaimed, and the proof is in the amazing photos her students are able to capture after taking her course.

Stauffer is based in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, but travels nationally to teach and explore her art.  

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